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Single Enzymes

  Product Description

  Xylanase, adopted the liquid submerged fermentation technology, with excellent post-treatment process, has characters of high activity, high stability and high degradation. Xylanase, a kind of enzyme which degrades the linear polysaccharide beta-1,4-xylan into xylose, contains endo β- Xylanase, exterior β- Xylanase and xylo-disaccharide glycosidase. Xylanase can also degrade anti-nutritional factors araboxylan efficiently, decrease prescription cost, enhance the productivity performance and disease resistance of animals, and reduce the pollution of animal excretion.

  The Anti-nutritional Effects of Xylan

  Increase chyme viscosity in intestinal tract, and impact animal’s digestion &absorption function.

  Impacts endogenous enzyme activity in alimentary tract.

  Impacts the digestion and absorption of fat.

  Accelerates proliferation of harmful microbial in intestinal tract, impacts animal health.

  Effect of physical barrier, impact nutrient digestion.

  The Advantage of Strowin Xylanase Pruducts

  International advanced gene engineering strain is adopted in production, through liquid submerged fermentation, producing higher enzyme activity with better quality cost ratio.

  The adaptability in environment of animal alimentary tract has been sufficiently considered in the gene engineering bacterium designing, so the products have wider effective PH value range with strong resistibility to stomach acid and digestive enzyme.

  Being insensitive to most of the depressors existing in the feedstuff material and animal intestines, the products have stable and reliable application effects.

  Chemical and Physical Data

Enzyme Activity

10,000U/g, 20,000U/g, 50,000U/g

and 100,000U/g


Light yellow or white Granule

Loss on Drying

Less than 10%

  Enzyme Activity Definition

  One xylanase activity unit(U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1µmol reducing sugar from 5 mg/ml xylan solution per minute at 37℃ and pH 5.5 under the conditions of the test.

  Applicable Condition





4.0 ~ 7.0



70 ~ 90



  Degrade the soluble non-starch polysaccharide and decrease chyme viscosity of gastrointestinal tract.

  Enhance the activity of endo-digestive enzyme and promote the ingestion of nutrients.

  Break the cell walls of plant by degrading xylan, release nutrients and improve the digestive rate.

  Resist the growth of anaerobe and reduce the microbial content of intestinal canal.

  Improve the metabolizable energy of feedstuff, reduce formula cost and upgrade the product quality.

  Reduce the feed cost and improve the environment

  Recommended Dosage of in complete feed(g/t)




  Keep away from the moisture and avoid storing in a high-temperature environment.

  Seal both internal and external package after use.

  Shelf Life

  12 months from date of production under proper conditions in a dry, well ventilated

  and cool place.

     Package: 25kg per bag


  Granule, concentrates and premix of bean pulp, miscellaneous feed of pigs, poultry and aquatic products.