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Single Enzymes
Glucose Oxidase

  Product Introduction

  Glucose Oxidase, GOD is a kind of aerobic dehydrogenase with high activity. It was made from fungal fermentation with genetic engineering technology by Feed Research Institute Chinese Academy of agricultural sciences.β-D glucose could be oxidized into gluconic acid and H2O2 by glucose oxidase, a lot of oxygen be consumed at the same time. Gluconic acid could reduce the PH value of chyme、strengthen acid environment in the stomach meantime activate protease activity like acidifier; lower intestinal PH value could inhibiting harmful germs and promote the growth of probiotic、improve the digestibility of feed protein; H2O2 and gluconic acid could inhibition harmful germs and promote the growth of probiotic、improve microecological balance and intestinal morphology. Thus improve digestibility and absorptivity of feed nutrition, improve animal growth.

  Enzyme Activity Definition

  One glucose oxidase activity unit(U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which oxidizes 1.0µmol β-D- glucose into D-gluconic acid and H2O2 at 37℃ and pH 5.5 under the conditions of the test.

  Enzyme characteristics and function

  1. Inhibiting growth and breed of harmful germs/fungus such as escherichia coli、salmonella and aflatoxin. Control physiological/pathological diarrhea and persistent diarrhea caused by drug-resistant bacteria. Control coccidiosis and relieve mycotoxicosis caused by aflatoxin、rhizopus nigricans and penicillium.

  2. Inhibiting growth of harmful germs by improve intestinal acid environment. Maintaining the activity of digestive enzymes. Promoting feed digestion and feed conversion.

  3. Maintaining high activity under neutral/meta-acid and lower temperature condition. Suitable for livestock and poultry、 aquaculture. Replace antibiotic、acidifier、antimould and zinc oxide.

  Transportation and storage

  Keep away from moisture and sunshine. Store in cool dry place. Seal both internal and external package after use and sued up ASAP.